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On Googling my hometown and climate change, as recommended by the author, I was both surprised and embarrassed to learn that my city was the first in Ontario Canada to declare a climate emergency. (Thus allowing them to prioritize spending on climate change related issues). This is something I really should have known as this is where I invest.

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FEARLESS: Real Estate Investing In The Era Of Climate Change is an easy-to-digest, straightforward, how-to book about how to maintain the profitability of your investments in the face of relentless global climate warming.

Real estate professionals will gain priceless insights for assessing current risk, determining risk tolerance and deciding how to address the reality of the situation.

Investors will discover how to  decide what the risks are, whether to address them, how to decide whether to repair, upgrade or sell and where to look for the next investment opportunity.

Realtors will learn how they will position themselves as leaders in any market by taking the bold step to move away from avoiding the subject of climate change to incorporating climate change risks into the buying and selling process.

Business owners will learn how extensively climate change is threatening their profitability in every area of their business; from utility costs to transportation costs to insurance costs to process delivery schedules and more.

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